Business Technology Architects Inc. (BTA) was founded in Roswell, Georgia in 2010, with resources across the United States. BTA’s management team have compelling track record and notable experience in data center, IT services and telecommunications.

We support our customers by formulating a focused, strategic approach and integrating complex technologies into the fabric of their businesses. Our proven method can lower costs, improve efficiency and accelerate deployments. BTA knows that no individual company can deliver all products and services to the IT industry. BTA is well respected and has strategic relationships with top networking, storage, security and applications providers.

Our architects have completed numerous certification programs on best-in-class products so we are prepared to deliver important and even complex solutions to our customers. BTA’s approach to consulting can take on many forms, whether a project is short-term or long-term, multifaceted or simply unique to an industry. We are strategic, problem solvers with excellent communication skills. Most of all we understand the need to continue with business as usual while working behind the scenes to carry out business-critical technology projects.

What Does BTA Do?

Architectural Consulting

BTA’s core business is building client IT architectures to improve efficiency, security and bottom-line savings. We are often engaged by customers to develop Architectural Frameworks for technology adoption. Architectural requirements can cover multiple disciplines including compute, networking, hardware, storage solutions, virtualization, disaster recovery, replication, machine migration and hypervisor selection. Regularly we can be found architecting always-on, mission-critical environments where measurement and management of systems a requirement.

Public/Private Cloud Migrations

Migration to the cloud can be a daunting task for most IT organizations. BTA delivers comprehensive migration strategies designed to optimize IT infrastructures and reduce client risk. We take a holistic approach to hardware, software, security and applications. We will help you identify the best applications for public or private management and operational efficiencies and those applications that should remain on premise. We make recommendations based on your business requirements, management objectives and potential risks.

Virtualization Planning and Design

One of the most compelling ways to reduce IT expenses, increase productivity, efficiency and agility is to virtualize services in the data center. Understanding capacity and resource planning needs drives a customer’s ability to gain utilization, reduce operating expenses and shorten time to market for delivering new applications.


Core Technology Upgrades

We see many networks that were built without a plan and more importantly, without serviceability in mind. Typically, these networks have been patched until the architecture is unclear and many cannot segregate traffic that can result in unpredictable, undesirable outages.

Our team has completed hundreds of infrastructure upgrades. There have been minimal service outages, including outages that can impact networking, switching, servers, storage, and power upgrades. We create a comprehensive plan for your upgrade that includes cutover and fall back positions identifying all risk factors in the project. Our methods set BTA apart from our peers.

Storage Area Network Assessments

Companies large and small are interested in how to architect, deploy and manage storage infrastructure. BTA has consistently been able to help companies with these challenges.

Our approach begins by routinely conducting assessments that address the current state of SAN architecture, performance, data replication and disaster recovery. BTA reviews the current performance, utilization and growth requirements and delivers a final report that includes all findings and recommendations to achieve the desired performance and financial objectives. BTA benchmarks processes using industry best practices and procedures and maintains visibility around emerging and maturing storage technology that creates business value.

Security and Compliance Services

Security is an integral and critical component of any architecture. BTA’s goal with our customers is to embed security practices, principals and technology into all of our solutions for clients. Whether these are new build outs, upgrades or re-designs/architecture of technology infrastructures, BTA incorporates defense in depth into environments. BTA offers solutions and services for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Security Analytics, Advanced Threat Detection, Authentication and Data Loss Prevention.

Project Management

Project management is crucial to delivering projects on time and budget. When a project has been approved, BTA assigns a PM that will develop a detailed Scope of Work to include timelines, resources and allocated and appropriate deliverables. Our PMs work in tandem with our customers’ project management and project sponsors. They ensure everyone is aware of project status of milestones and risks associated with the engagement. Many of our PMs hold the PMP credentials and are experienced in information technology.


SIMPLE is BTA’s engagement approach that has proven to accelerate technology adoption and create tangible results during each phase of the engagement. This enables the BTA team to collaborate efficiently with your company to overcome business challenges with clear linkage to business outcomes.

The SIMPLE Approach


Training and Go-to-Market Services


BTA’s Consultants must DO before they can teach in a classroom. Credibility is key.


The team at BTA has a proven track record of accelerating the adoption of new technology through training and real-world experience. When new solutions are brought to market, systems integrators and customers have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. BTA’s unique approach to solution and implementation-based training engagements enables the customer’s consumption of these technologies to improve their business.

BTA’s mentored learning and services approaches enables organizations to grow their businesses by SIMPLE-fying the complex.

The introduction of next-generation technologies requires an in-depth understanding of how applications are structured and delivered. To simplify, we must understand:

  • Business impact of change or lack of change
  • Target state
  • Current state
  • Dependencies

Technology Training Services

  • Baseline technology through advanced architecture training for design and implementation engineers
  • Recommendations for best approach to adoption of cloud services (public, private, hybrid)
  • Adoption of automation tools to include integration of existing systems
  • Organization Assessment and Transformation (aka IT Camp Counselor) workshops and training that facilitate the transition to the collaborative delivery of IT services. This can range from forming DevOps teams to creating a well-defined set of interactions and common set of architectural best practices.
  • Application Dependency Mapping
  • Development of Design documents
  • Test plans
  • Comprehensive Cutover Planning


BTA provides the Technology Architecture expertise that makes everything work together. We bring a strategic perspective to what is typically a tactical, response environment. The team at BTA creates IT architectures that are Reliable, Available and Serviceable ready to meet current and future requirements.