ACI Deployment Workshop



This course is designed for customers, systems engineers and field engineers to build on foundational ACI concepts and further develop ACI configuration, demonstration and troubleshooting skills. The course is delivered with lecture and lab activities to reinforce concepts. 75% of time will be spent in lab activities.

Upon completion of the course, students will be familiar with:

  • Pre-Deployment Interview/Information gathering process
  • Out of the box setup and configuration of an ACI fabric
  • Scenario driven configuration principals for
    • Tenant Configurations
    • Application Network Profiles (ANP)
    • Contracts, endpoints
    • Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) integration
    • Connecting the ACI fabric to external L2 and L3 networks
    • Connecting fabric to L4 – L7 services (ASA, F5, etc….)
  • Hands on lab environments.  Each student will have:
    • A dedicated ACI tenant with 2 ESXi hosts with appropriate VM’s
    • Vcenter Appliance
    • L2/L3 outside connections
    • Class size will be restricted to 12 students to facilitate more hands on lab time.


Who should attend

  • Cisco/Partner Systems Engineers/Field Engineers that do demonstration activities for ACI
  • Solutions Architects
  • End user customers deploying ACI fabrics including Nexus 9000 series switches

Class Feedback

  • The instructor is the top two best instructors I have ever had for technical training.  Great course content flow and very knowledgeable. Thanks!

    The instructor did an excellent job presenting the material and encouraged interaction with the class. His explanations were very clear and easy to understand.

  • Great class. Good length. Nice balance between labs, preso's, and interaction with instructor.

    By far the best ACI training class I've taken so far. 

  • The instructor is an amazing instructor. I really liked the knowledge he has. I also like how he ignited the students and excite them minute by minute.

    Excellent Challenging Labs. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful towards helping us with our labs as well as answering questions throughout the week.

Currently this class is not on our schedule, but please fill out the Class Request Form to arrange a class with BTA.