Advanced ACI


Live Virtual

This two-day ILT course builds on ACI fundamentals to provide expert-level training and lab time in the most-requested advanced training topics. Material covered includes: Design Best Practices, Legacy Network Integration, Multiple Site Options, Micro-segmentation, ACI & UCS, Application Dependency Mapping, and Advanced L3Out topics.


BTA has deployed over 250 ACI Fabrics, and these are the Advanced topics that are implemented most frequently.

After organizations have begun the SDN journey with ACI, they require expertise in Legacy migrations, Design best practices, Micro-segmentation and other topics. This course delivers that expertise.

This is the Next Step in ACI expertise. 


After the course attendees will be able to:

  • Optimize their ACI Fabric
  • Understand the most common options and design choices for L3Out external routed connectivity
  • Migrate legacy workloads to an ACI fabric
  • Identify all the components of legacy applications and build ACI Application Profiles
  • Configure various options for multiple-site ACI deployments
  • Configure micro-segmentation
  • Configure UCS servers for optimal ACI operations
  • Design an ACI fabric according to field-hardened Best Practices


Target Audience

This course is for Architects and Network Engineers who design Cisco ACI data center networks.


2 Days


Interactive Instructor Led Training


Course Type

Lecture + Hands-on Lab.

Course Outline

Module 0   Agenda / Intro / Logistics


Module 1    Advanced & Shared L3Out

Lab                    Configure Shared L3Out


Module 2    ACI Transit Routing

Lab                    Configure Transit Routing in an ACI Fabric


Module 3    ACI & Legacy Networks

Lab                    Migrate Workloads from a Legacy Network to ACI


Module 4    Application Dependency Mapping

Lab                    Discover and Map a Production Application


Module 5    ACI Multiple Sites

Lab                    Configure a Multipod Fabric

Lab                    Configure a Multisite Fabric


Module 6    ACI Micro-segmentation

Lab                    Configure Application with Micro-segmentation


Module 7    ACI & UCS Best Practices

Lab                    Optimize UCS Configuration for ACI


Module 8    ACI Design Boot Camp

Lab                    Build an ACI Design from Customer Requirements

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