Tetration Enablement


Live Virtual

FOR CISCO AND CISCO PARTNER TEAMS. Tetration Analytics is the platform that discovers and monitors your applications - enabling the Zero Trust Model. This two-day ILT course will introduce technical Sales Teams to Tetration, and prepare them to introduce it to their customers' networks. Students will discover, manage and monitor applications on a live lab environment. THIS CLASS IS DESIGNED FOR CISCO AND CISCO PARTNER TEAMS. A cisco.com or partner email address will be required for attendance.


After the course attendees will be able to:


      • Describe the components of Tetration Analytics

      • Configure Tetration for use in a customer environment

      • Install and manage hardware and software agents

      • Conduct automated application dependency mapping

      • Manage and enforce application policies on a live network

      • Descibe how to integrate Tetration telemetry with operational systems

      • Understand how to position and sell Tetration solutions


Target Audience

            • Technical Sales Teams

            • Network Engineers

            • Systems Engineers

            • Solution Architects

            • Systems Integrators

            • Application Owners

            • Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Engineers

            • Network Engineers

            • DevOps Teams



Two days



Instructor Led Training


Course Type

• Lecture + Hands-on Lab

• In-Person Delivery

• Live via WebEx


Course Outline

Module 1          Introduction

Module 2          Tetration Overview
                            • Get to a Secure Zero Trust Model in an Application-Centric World

Lab 0                 Accessing the Lab
Lab 1                 Self-Paced Demo


Module 3          Tetration Components
                            • Architecture Overview
                            • Data Collection
                            • Analytics Engine
                            • Open Access

Module 4          Operational Concepts
                            • Annotations
                            • Scopes
                            • RBAC

Module 5          Tetration Setup
                            • Buy & Install Tetration Appliance
                            • Create scopes, roles, users
                            • Deploy hardware sensors
                            • Deploy software sensors (next module)
Lab 2                 Network-Based Analysis

Module 6          Software Agents
                            • Overview
                            • Features
Lab 3                Software Agent Installation

Module 7          Application Dependency Mapping
                            • Overview
                            • Analysis
                            • Use Cases
Lab 4                 Live Application Dependency Mapping

Module 8          Policy Enforcement
                            • Policy Today
                            • Capturing Intent
                            • Challenges
                            • Rules & Enforcement
                            • Policy Simulation & Compliance
Lab 5                Enforcing Policy

Module 9          Flow Search
                            • Scope Filtering
                            • Conjunctions
                            • Flow Explore
                            • User Annotations
Lab 6                Flow Search

Module 10        Policy Analysis
                            • Overview
                            • Enable Policy Analysis
                            • Live Policy Analysis
                            • Backdated Policy Experiments
                            • Quick Policy Analysis
Lab 7                “What If” Policy Analysis

Module 11        Tetration Open API & User Apps
                            • Tetration OpenAPI
                            • User Apps
Lab 8                Tetration Open API

Module 12        Tetration Ecosystem

Module 13        Positioning and Services

Module 99        Tetration Enablement Review

Class Feedback

  • It was more than an introduction. Thank you for showing us the future.

    The class was great and well designed.

  • Instructor was excellent! great conversation around Tetration and the deep dive and hands-on was perfect in helping understand Tetration. Wish I could attend this over and over to keep the information fresh.

    Really solid training, useful spent time.

  • Wow ! - Certainly an eye opener in terms of advancements in data analytics.  Cisco Tetration is clearly a game changer for both consumers and providers of security services.

    Instructor was excellent in his approach and delivery - handled QA from a wide audience with grace and style. Was well informed of the subject matter and its impact on the ICT market.

  • Really really good 3 days and feel a real sense of pride to have been able to attend. I feel this will really help my customers to understand their applications in much more detail than previously thought.

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