VMware Vsphere Health Check


You've made a significant investment to virtualize your computing environment—let an expert help you get the most from your investment. Virtualization touches many aspects of your data center such as servers, networks and storage, and the organizations and processes that control them.

A Business Technology Architect Certified Professional consultant will work with your team to understand your unique environment and provide guidance on the current best practices for configuring and managing VMware vSphere™. Working together with your team, the consultant will review your VMware vSphere environment and provide concrete, actionable recommendations to optimize your virtual infrastructure.


  • Optimize VMware vSphere performance
  • Maximize resources through efficiencies and roadmap for future improvement
  • Mitigate risk by leveraging experienced consultants and proven best practices
  • Identify areas for remediation and optimize the architecture of the environment


  • Collect data and conduct assessment of VMware vSphere (offered in modules of 1-50 and 50+ ESXi hosts per vCenter)
  • Identify potential opportunities to optimize configuration and improve performance
  • Hold an interactive workshop to facilitate knowledge transfer on VMware vSphere best practice
  • Delivery of Health Report documentation

Target Audience

Architects, administrators and virtualization stakeholders currently using VMware ESX and VMware vCenter.


Key Activities



Kickoff Call


Current State Analysis Workshop

  • Review current environment
  • Review history of current environment
  • Review business and use cases
  • Install health check analyzer


Technical Audit and Analysis


Operational Analysis including Consideration of Business Objectives


Create Assessment Reports


Review Final Assessment Report and Knowledge Transfer




  • Up to two (2) days on-site to create assessment report
  • Health Check offered in modules of 1-50 and 50+ ESXi hosts per vCenter (or multiples thereof)
  • Participants for interactive workshop will include virtualization architects and administrators
  • VMware vSphere Health Check will be delivered by a VMware Certified Professional (VCP) consultant from Business Technology Architects.


  • Existing VMware vSphere including VMware ESX
  • Administrator (root) access to VMware installations
  • Conference room with projector and internet access
  • Participation of Target Audience