The team at BTA has a proven track record of helping customers adopt new technology through training and real-world experience. When new solutions are introduced, systems integrators and customers have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. BTA’s unique approach to solution and implementation based training engagements enables the adoption of these technologies. BTA’s approach allows organizations to grow their businesses by simplifying the complex while achieving a faster time to market.

BTA’s architects and professional trainers must DO before they can credibly teach in a classroom or consulting engagement.

The introduction of next-generation technologies in the data center requires an in-depth understanding of how applications are structured and delivered. To simplify, we must understand:

  • Business impact of change or lack of change
  • Target state
  • Current state
  • Dependencies

Technology Training Services

  • Baseline technology through advanced architecture training for design and implementation engineers
  • Recommendations for best approach to adoption of cloud services (public, private, hybrid)
  • Adoption of automation tools to include integration of existing systems  
  • IT camp counselor (AKA DevOps) to facilitate a collaborative approach to the integration of teams from typically siloed environments.
  • Design documents
  • Run books
  • Test plans
  • Comprehensive cutover planning

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