Modular Advanced ACI Training: Build, Maintain and Sharpen your ACI Skillset


If I want to:

I should attend:


Refresh my baseline ACI skills

Practice basic ACI configuration

Gain fast familiarity with ACI

ACI Technical Quickstart


1 day

Secure my ACI fabric using built-in tools

Design and configure appropriate security using the management plane, fabric, EPG’s, microsegmentation, certificates, RBAC, and other integral features


Optimizing ACI Security


1/4 day

Build and deploy a compliant ACI fabric

Use best practices to design ACI for PCI, SOX and HIPPA compliance

Compliance-Driven ACI Fabric 1/4 day

Integrate service appliances with ACI

Deploy ASA, FirePOWER, F5, Citrix and other devices

Know when and how to use Managed, Unmanaged or Independent integration modes


Vendor-Specific Modules for Service Integration with ACI


1/4 day

Maintain an ACI fabric

Learn the operational and troubleshooting tools for ACI

Practice recovering from failure scenarios

ACI Operations & Troubleshooting
Boot Camp


3 days

Understand the ACI Object Model

Use all the automation tools in ACI

Develop & use XML and Python scripts in ACI


ACI Programmability


1 day

Integrate ACI with UCSD

Build a UCSD-based Private Cloud

Study ACI-focused Tasks and Workflows




1 day

Automate ACI using orchestration

Integrate ACI with CloudCenter, Ansible, Puppet & Chef, etc.

Optimal security design for orchestration

ACI and CloudCenter
ACI and Ansible
ACI and Puppet/Chef


1/2 to 1 day

Learn ACI design methodologies

Practice designing ACI for several customer scenarios

Prove my designs on a live fabric

ACI Design Best Practices & Boot Camp

1 day

Plan for larger ACI deployments

Study multi-site, multi-pod and multi-fabric options

Learn about disaster recovery in ACI

ACI Multiple Sites

1/2 day

Migrate an existing network to ACI

Learn about network-centric & app-centric options

Practice migrating a live legacy network

ACI & Legacy Networks

1/4 day